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What do MBA Vs PGDM depend on? MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a degree, while PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a confirmation program. According to the standards of the UGC, Colleges/Institutes partnered to a college can offer MBA degrees. The self-sufficient/private Business Schools which are not subsidiary to any college can offer the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programs.

Subsequently, even zenith establishments like IIM, XLRI, and SPJIMR offer PGDM and not the MBA degree since these organizations are self-governing bodies and are not associated to any college. Thusly, there is no distinction in what is being educated in PGDM and MBA.

Educational program:

Be that as it may, the self-governing business colleges much of the time change the schedule to satisfy the business guidelines. A prospectus change in a MBA program is uncommon since the school offering the program has no power to change schedule. Before you settle on a choice you ought to likewise take note of that MBA programs are much less expensive than PGDM programs.

Which is better: MBA or PGDM?

In a MBA degree, you will be furnished with hypothetical information on the board ideas and practices. Hypothetical information might be helpful on the off chance that you need to get into inquire about. Additionally, the MBA prospectus isn't revised consistently as the school offering MBA has no position to change the schedule. This can be a significant impediment in the administration field in light of the fact that the genuine business condition is extremely powerful and loaded with abrupt unforeseen changes. Thus, the MBA degree is increasingly scholastic and hypothetical in nature.

The PGDM program, whenever done from a better than expected business college, will bore you with productive preparing and will give you bits of knowledge into genuine business circumstances. It is increasingly down to earth in nature. Since self-sufficient business colleges have opportunity to change schedule, the PGDM program will be organized in a way generally reasonable to the genuine business condition.

In any case, the truth of the matter is that the business treats MBA Vs PGDM graduates in an equivalent way. Indeed, even in the worldwide activity industry, same treatment is given to MBA and PGDM graduates. Indeed, the industry is concerned more with the range of abilities of the understudies as opposed to the degree. Subsequently doing either MBA or PGDM will have a similar effect on your profession. Your beginning compensation will rely more upon the notoriety and brand name of your school/business college and not on the degree name. Henceforth you should cautiously pick your school/business college in the event that you need to seek after a MBA or PGDM.

Research and Higher Education after MBA/PGDM:

You should take note of that not all Universities/Institutions acknowledge PGDM as a Master's comparable for entrance into their Ph.D programs. You will be qualified for Ph.D, on the off chance that you complete MBA or you complete PGDM from AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) endorsed establishments.

Consequently, in the event that you wish to seek after Ph.D after MBA, you should ensure that you have either a MBA degree or a PGDM from AICTE endorsed foundations. On the off chance that you wish to seek after your Ph.D abroad, it is in every case better to finish a MBA degree from any presumed school or college.

Along these lines, regardless of whether you do a MBA or a PGDM, you will be qualified for similar advantages. Ensure you pick your school/business college cautiously and you experience the prospectuses of different foundations before you settle on a choice.

Source: http://www.imthyderabad.edu.in

PGDM College in Hyderabad

PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is comparable to a MBA. There are various PGDM Courses one can look over. Coming up next are the diverse PGDM programs accessible

• Full-time program

• Part-time program

• Distance Learning program

• Executive program

• Online program


IMT’s vision for its full-time academic programs is to groom young graduates as leaders who are innovative, creative, effective in execution and are socially responsible. In India IMT is the best PGDM College in Hyderabad. The focus is on experiential learning, design thinking, developing skillsets while sharpening the ability to deal with the basics, and critical and analytical thinking. Business is an ever-evolving phenomenon and so is business school education; IMT Ghaziabad continues to strive to raise its own bar in terms of content and pedagogical practices. Key highlights of the new curriculum for the batch of 2019-21 would be cross-functional core courses like Design Thinking, Negotiation Skills, and Cross-Functional Simulation; these courses add inventiveness, nimbleness, and flexibility to the students’ problem-solving skillset for the emerging business environment and groom them to function as a leader in the long run.



A full-time PGDM program is as a rule of 2 years and involves 4 semesters, a half year each. Understudies can decide on their enthusiasm of specialization and have the choice to browse minor and significant subjects. The selection of subjects incorporates the accompanying:


• Marketing

• Finance

• Human Resources

• Operations and Logistics

• Information Technology

• Systems

• International Trade and Business

• Consumer Behavior

• Risk Management

• Entrepreneurship and numerous other.


The low maintenance and Executive PGDM are for the individuals who are stirring officials and need to take up the course to additionally improve their working aptitudes. The low maintenance, separation and web based learning programs are adaptable though the Executive PGDM is carefully structured remembering the working individuals.

These particular PGDM Programs help one in surveying whether they are eager to keep on working in their field of intrigue. The educational program of the courses is to such an extent that the individual figures out how to manage all circumstances. A supervisor should have the option to inspire and manage his subordinates and should regard his bosses. Aside from giving the essential ability of the business world they likewise show these things which are pivotal to an association.


Admission to a top-PGDM course can be acquired by showing up for the fundamental placement tests. When the understudy clears the passage tests he/she needs to experience a Group Discussion and Personal Interview after which he/she is chosen and enlisted for definite affirmation. The admission to the Top B Schools is looked for by taking tests like the CAT, XAT, GMAT, NMET, MAT among others.


When an understudy has effectively finished the PGDM Course the person can go after rewarding position opening which are advertised. The PGDM Course helps certainty and ingrains certain characteristics that are significant in the business world. One additionally gets mindful of certain inert aptitudes and capacities that the program draws out during the course.


Finishing your training world with a PGDM before venturing into the corporate world is the best thing in the serious and requesting business condition today.

Source: http://www.imthyderabad.edu.in